The 12 most reused rhythyms - The compiled list below represents a personal choice based on my own knowledge and, does not in anyway reflect actual industry situations.
1 Real Rock Sound Dimension Studio One
2 Answer I’ll Never Let Go / S. Smith Studio One
3 Shank I Shenk Bobby Ellis Studio One
4 Scandal Ruff Ole Life / Sugar Minott Studio One
5 Sleng Teng Under Me Sleng Teng / W. Smith Jammys
6 Taxi/Victory Prophecy / Little Roy Unknown
7 Full Up Boby Babylon / Freddie McGregor Studio One
8 Rockfort Rock Sound Dimension Studio One
9 Stalag Arlene / General Echo Techniques
10 Punanany Punanany / Admiral Bailey Jammys
11 Death In The Arena Soul Vendors Studio One
12 General Love Me Girl / M. Diamonds Studio One